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Managing Image Sports & Talent Pvt. Ltd.


Managing Image Sports & Talent Pvt. Ltd.

In a world that seems unfair in the very first look, it is sport that gives people the chance to stand up tall, and be noticed. Talent speaks and gets acknowledged. There is value in your blood, sweat and tears. Practice has a cause and a focus regular life can't quite comprehend.

It is sport that makes us believe in miracles in the age of science. It is sport that turns a nation into a team, and a team, on their field of play, into a nation.

Ordinary folk become demi-gods, mortals become legends and men, through countless hours of hard work, become champions.

As India strives on the stage of world sport, MIST (Managing Image Sports &Talent) Pvt. Limited is working in cohesion with the dreams and aspirations of many current and budding champions.


Helping these champions, to further their scope, broaden their horizons and reinforce their belief systems, we at MIST are all about the chances that a sportsperson should take in his field of play, and the chances he should never have to worry about outside of it.

MIST is an effort to safeguard and strengthen the image, reputation and lives of our champions. It is also about making a nation of over a billion see sports and sportspersons differently. Making them see the heart and connect with the mind of our champions, who have till now, and will also in the future, continue to devote their lives to a nation's aspirations.